Starving for an Advanced Python Book

Robert Hicks rhicks at
Tue Apr 4 16:16:15 CEST 2000

There are also many titles to look at on the Python bookstore web page.

I would highly recommend to anyone "Python and Tkinter Programming" by John
Grayson. It documents Tkinter and Pmw very well. Pmw should IMHO be
incorporated into the standard Python distribution.


"Don Tuttle" <tuttledon at> wrote in message
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> "lewst"
> >ORA's "Programming Python" is a natural choice, but I
> > can't bear buying this outdated book when the 2nd edition is due out
> > in a few months (I'm dying here Lutz, hurry it up already!).
> I went ahead and bought it because Oreilly's cheif editor says, "We're
> timing the new edition of Programming Python to follow shortly after the
> release of Python 2.0."(aka Python 3K).  If that turns out to be the case,
> it won't published until sometime in 2001.  See his complete (and somewhat
> dated) remarks at
> > Does anyone have any suggestions?  I suppose I'm looking for a text
> > that has examples of how to solve various kinds of programming
> > problems in Python and also examples of code showing how the library
> > and various modules actually work.
> Fredrick Lundh's "(the Eff-bot Guide To) The Standard Python Library"
> has many short examples.
> Also "The Python Annotated Achives" is pretty much just examples and
> comments.
> mscssid=7T95UX3412S92K8S0017QRP4NV5DCFDD&srefer=&isbn=0072121041
> >How is the "Python Essential
> > Reference" on examples?  Is it just a rebinding of the
> > library reference
> Excelent reference, but no examples.
> Don

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