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Wed Apr 12 15:42:40 EDT 2000

Hi All--

William Park wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 12, 2000 at 12:49:16PM -0600, Ivan Van Laningham wrote:
> > Sh scripts do work, as long as I remember to do ./script ;-).  I'm
> > running as root (but the same thing happens when I run as myself, too).
> > However, this could be explained by the default behavour of exec(),
> > which states that if the kernel can't run a program, it execs sh and
> > hands it the program name in argv.
> What is your PATH?  Is your problem related to that fact that '.' is not
> in part of PATH environment variable?

Oh, PATH was OK.  See my other post for how I screwed up.

I just wanted to thank everyone for their assistance in helping me
figure out which end my head was attached to.

<not-a-word-out-of-you-gordon>-ly y'rs,
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