The Simple Economics of Open Source

Raffael Cavallaro raffael at
Mon Apr 24 05:40:29 CEST 2000

>Talent is not a "secret" that can
>be hoarded or shared.  It is visible in the end product, yet no amount
>of sharing how it was done will allow the process to be duplicated.

Oh, so that's why museums have been repeatedly fooled to the tune of 
millions of dollars over the years by forgeries of the works of great 

Fact is, knowing how great art is made allows reasonably skilled 
individuals to make effectively indistinguishable copies, or fake 
originals. This simple fact was well known to artists in the past, and 
it's why they guarded their secrets well.

It is only in an era when many artists have little or no technical 
talent that such an obviously false statement as Mr. Wagner's could even 
be thought to be true.



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