(Fwd) Re: Formatting Excel cells with PythonCOM

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Wed Apr 19 22:14:35 EDT 2000

"P.J.W.S. Vrijlandt" <P.J.W.S.VRIJLANDT at INT.azg.nl> wrote in message
news:1E141210786 at nds-3.azg.nl...
> On  6 Apr 00 at 23:45, Mark Hammond wrote:

> I recently found a problem with this (I didn't run the test suite
> though). On my computer (Win95, Excel2000), the NumberFormat propery
> only accepts setting the time in my locale's language (i.e. Dutch).
> This is rather unfortunate, because the macrorecorder writes in

Hrm.  Looks like we are in a no-win situation here.  Many international
users want COM and makepy setup to use the default locale - which it is -
so some of the names etc get localised.  However, doing this obviously
changes the behaviour of certain functions.

Im not sure what the correct answer is, but if there is a consensus from
non US versions of COM that we should specify US English, it could be


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