Python does not let me format time.

Sindh skodela at
Fri Apr 28 02:04:18 CEST 2000

Hi folks

I have a file full of date, value pairs. Date is like MM/DD/YY. My
problem is I want to format this file since it contains a few thousand
lines of data , using python. I tried using string and time modules. I
want to format the time value to a float which is returned by
time.gmtime normally. I tried to split it and to use parts of it to make
a tuple and to use time.mktime but it says illegal operation for


data is:
	03/11/98 abcd
	03/12/98 efgh

I split it to
	x=string.split(n[0],' ')
	which gave me x='03/11/98'
Now I split it again by
	which gave a tuple of '03','11','98'
Now I tried  to make time as
The problem is it says illegal operation for builtin. I tried to use the
string val and int val as the arguments for mktime.

Anyone with any helpful ideas!!

If there is already a moduls to do the same , much helpful.


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