freeze not working (win)

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Mon Apr 10 14:19:47 CEST 2000

"Toby Dickenson" <mbel44 at> wrote in message
news:1g13fs0mkfjv57quaahj6sg6qi5g25arni at
> (posted and cced to Mark)
> "Mark Hammond" <mhammond at> wrote:
> >Note that you must also provide pywintypes1x.dll - this can not be
> I'm freezing pywintypes15.dll, and havent had any problems _yet_.
> Should I expect bad things?

This is fine as long as you never import a .pyd that referenced
pywintypes.  If you do, then you will get 2 copies of everything - the
frozen one, and the real pywintypes1x.dll that will be loaded via the

Basically, this means if you freeze pywintypes1x.dll, you can never import
a win32* module that is not also frozen into the app.


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