Comparing PythonWin and IDLE?

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Fri Apr 14 22:26:28 EDT 2000

"Michael Scharf" <Michael.Scharf at> wrote in message
news:38F774E5.E34B0365 at

> I know it is possible to change the code of existing functions.
> So, with some ticks it should be possible to replace the code
> of existing functions. The same must be done for all mutable objects
> (list, dicts etc.). Only not mutable direct imported variable (int,
> string, tuple etc.) cannot be changed that way.
> I just wonder if anybody has written such a clever reimport...

_Years_ ago, Scott Hassan posted one to the newsgroup.  Deja should find
it.  This code predated packages, but still an excellent starting point.
I very nearly adapted it for use in Pythonwin, but never got motivated


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