Why MFC instead of Tkinter -- was Re: Pythonwin?

Bill Tutt billtut at microsoft.com
Thu Apr 20 19:44:02 EDT 2000

> From: Don Tuttle [mailto:tuttledon at hotmail.com]

> Which brings up the question near and dear to a lazy man's heart like
> myself..  Which is the eaiser Windows GUI builder for 
> Python--VB or VC++ ?

Dunno, never written an MFC UI. :)

> With VB,  I've only seen Python mentioned as a COM object to 
> be used by VB.
> Are there other ways?

Yes but its more convoluted.
e.g.: Write a VB ActiceX UI Control, and then host it in some Python code
that uses MFC. :) 

What you mentioned is certainly the most straight forward approach.


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