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Thu Apr 27 12:04:31 EDT 2000

In article <1255280638-66426487 at>, Gordon McMillan wrote:

>Sometime ago linuxplanet did a comparison (sorry I can't 
>check the link - my ISP is hosed right now):
>As I recall, Postgres was the most complete DB; MySQL the 
>least complete. MySQL was very fast at some operations 
>(probably related to lack of transaction support), but the most 
>startlingly fast one was bulk load, which does you no good in 
>a CGI situation. Again, from memory, MySQL was fast at very 
>simple queries, but had a very limited SQL dialect and fell 
>apart with fancier queries.

Probably the simpler answer here is for the original poster to have a quick
go at both, he'll form his own opinions soon enough.  :-)

I did a work project involving a search engine of sorts, with a crawler
creeping through the data at night, and a CGI front-end to look for one or
more words. The first iteration used Postgres, but was slow.... The crawler
took forever on inserts, and since the data changed often, there were a lot
of them. Queries for single words were acceptable, but multi-word 'OR'
searches were painfully slow. In this case, MySQL fit the bill very well;
data was added very quickly, and queries were extremely fast. Also, we
didn't need transactions or anything of the sort, since at the very worst
we'd crawl the whole works again.

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