Trouble compiling PyGreSQL 2.4 on Linux

Martin Skøtt mskott at
Mon Apr 24 12:03:12 EDT 2000

Oleg Broytmann <phd at> writes:

>    I think even on RH you may do it "standard way" - install python-dev
> RPM, and you've got and with them. Copy these
> files to you work directory, modify to your needs (to PyGreSQL
> needs this time :) and make -f && make.

I know it works, but having a Linux README which didn't work bothered
me immensly.

> > As I mention in my first posting the readme.linux file describes how
> > to do an red hat install (make redhat) but it doesn't seem to work. An
> > address is also mentioned for an RPM but the file doesn't exist on the server.
>    D'Arcy would gladly accept any patch.

Seems like a great time for me to learn how to write a make file. I
will post it to him one of the following days.

Martin Skøtt
mskott at

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