Grand debugging of python in Emacs

David Jeschke david.jeschke at
Thu Apr 20 12:51:25 EDT 2000

When I try to run the python debugger, pdb, through the grand unified
debugger interface in Emacs I do not see any output from the debugger in the
shell window until the debugger has exited.

I'm running Emacs 20.6 with python 1.5.2 on NT4 (SP6).  I'm not using a
UNIX-type shell.  I have a short python program which is a series of three
print statements.  I launch the debugger using M-x pdb and all I see is the
gud shell window with a line showing the current directory.  If I hit C-c
C-s several times to step through the program nothing appears in the shell
window until I have pressed it a half a dozen times.  Then all at once I get
the output from the debugger showing up in the shell window:

Current directory is c:/progra~1/python/lib/
> <string>(0)?()
(Pdb) > <string>(1)?()
(Pdb) > e:\temp\
(Pdb) > e:\temp\
-> print "hello, world!"
(Pdb) hello, world!
> e:\temp\
-> print "yes, sir!"
(Pdb) yes, sir!
> e:\temp\
-> print "goodbye."
(Pdb) goodbye.
> e:\temp\>None
-> print "goodbye."
(Pdb) --Return--
> <string>(1)?()->None
Debugger finished

Has anyone else run into this problem before and figured out a solution?
Thanks in advance for any assistance.

David Jeschke

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