[Python-Dev] Re: Python 1.6a2 Unicode bug (was Re: comparing strings and ints)

Walter Doerwald walter at data.franken.de
Thu Apr 27 04:56:52 EDT 2000

On 26 Apr 2000 21:17:56 -0400 François Pinard wrote:

> "Fredrik Lundh" <effbot at telia.com> writes:
> > M.-A. Lemburg <mal at lemburg.com> wrote:
> > does this mean that the 8-bit string type is deprecated ???
> I did not follow the implementation discussions, but from the outside, it
> looks like 8-bit strings are kept and will be speedy.  People should
> either:
> 1) use them for ASCII without bothering or thinking much,
> 2) write Python source files in UTF-8, relying on the default encoding,

Does this only affect the strings variables in the source, or the comments

Would it be possible to write the source code in UTF-16 (which is much
easier to to under WinNT with NotePad, I know no text editor under that
writes UTF-8)

	Walter Doerwald

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