Implementing a Python process when PC is idle?

Darrell darrell at
Tue Apr 18 22:33:28 EDT 2000

>     I would like to execute a Python process that gets executed when my
> Windows PC is in screensaver mode (so my PC can work when it is idle).
Hi Mike !

If you set the priority on your task low then it won't be noticed except on
the performance monitor.

But if you really want to just run while the screen save is running...
I have only these ideas to offer.


Search for *.scr in WINNT, these are .exe's in disguise.
So the registry key points at a .scr that when run is the screen saver.
You could have the .scr file spawn off the real screen saver then do your
background work. When the screen saver returns stop the background work also
and exit.

This might all work in Python by creating a Python exe and renaming it to

--Darrell Gallion

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