ataman rsh windows_pc fails

George Planansky george_planansky at
Wed Apr 5 13:41:59 EDT 2000

Using ataman telnet and rsh to connect to an
nt 4.0 sp5 pc from solaris,  I can get back 
the output from a windows "dir" command, but 
not from a "" script.

How do I fix this?

If I login in to the pc via "solaris% telnet ataman_pc", works fine:


And rsh from the sun, invoking "dir"  works fine:
   solaris% rsh ataman_pc dir 
   Volume in drive D has no label.
   Volume Serial Number is 04B8-D727

   Directory of d:\home\atadmin

But not rsh with"

   solaris% rsh ataman_pc

   <I get nothing displayed back from the pc.>

However, the python scripts do in fact execute via rsh, 
since e.g., with

   import sys
   mylogfile = open('d:\\home\\atadmin\\hello2.txt', 'w')
   sys.stdout = mylogfile
   print 'hello2'

The invocation:

   solaris% rsh atamin_pc

does indeed create a hello2.txt on the pc,
with contents "hello2".

Ataman support suspects:

  The difference between telnet and rsh (besides the obvious 
  ones) is that rsh just connects pipes to stdin and stdout. 
  Some programs detect that and behave somewhat differently.

Anyone know how to make the python script output
act like dir's output?

george_planansky at

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