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Anders Eggers-Krag aek at
Tue Apr 4 19:49:56 EDT 2000

> > > > an alternative solution is to call an ADO (ActiveX Data Object) object and
> > > > use it through
> > > > there which is quite simple.
> > >
> > > If you do this, make sure you get Mark's programming win32 book.  It's
> > > an excellent book for many reasons, but it goes into special detail on
> > > COM programming (and is so far the only resource I've seen of how COM
> > > can be simple and useful -- instead of the normal
> > > add-on-later-because-we-need-the-buzzword I normally associate with COM
> > > <wink>).
> > >
> > it is not like ADO is a complex system, it is extremely easy to use, I use it alle time
> > writing database systems for ASP.
> Oh, I completely agree... However, if you don't know COM, or only know
> it through C++, I would still recomend getting the win32 book.

while we are at it - how do I instantiate an Activex/COM object in python,
I use them plentily in ASP and HTA where it is quite easy, but I have only 
yesterday or so started working with Tkinter, so now I no longer have the easy
methods suchs as new ActiveXObject("..."), or Server.CreateObject("..."),
I looked at it a while ago in Python and decided to wait until I needed it :-)

Anders Eggers - Krag

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