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Fri Apr 28 12:45:25 EDT 2000

Hy Mark :-)
Are the sources anywhere ??
(You told me to include the new startup-code in my project)

I have the following problems:
(1) I want to use python-win for the interface in my programm, but it
is most important to hide the interactive windows for most of the users
(they should not know that they are powered by python), and
(2) I have a conflict with my main windows. In the InitInstance() from
my application the pyglue-code creates a new window and now visualc
does not know which of them is the main window. (e.g. I open in my window, have to choose debug (go is disabled ??) from
the python-window and the splitter - test window is a mdi-child in my
own main window again (little confuseing, isn't it ;-) - the menus are
quite the same, but in my window all python-related menus are diasbled)

Thank you in advance
Matthias :->

In article <1UDL4.539$v85.2477 at>,
  "Mark Hammond" <mhammond at> wrote:
> Just a quick update.  win32all-131 for Python 1.6a2 can be found at
> Note that this version has 2 known (and semi-serious) bugs:
> * The Pythonwin debugger simply doesnt work (but its such a simple
> * A Unicode issue with Scintilla prevents calltips and multi-line
> in the Pythonwin interactive window(!!) working correctly on NT/2000.
> I expect to have 132 available soon with these fixes plus a few other
> tweaks.  If starship is still not available, it will also be at
> Finally, once this win32all set stabilizes, I will also be releasing
> another Python 1.5 build.  Depending on what happens, this may or may
> be the last 1.5 build, but most new builds are likely to target 1.6
> (although "popular demand" is likely to have some influence ;-)
> Mark.

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