Python 1.6 alpha 1 released

Bjorn Pettersen bjorn at
Tue Apr 4 20:11:58 CEST 2000

Fredrik Lundh wrote:
> Tres Seaver wrote:
> > >not true.  the documented interface explicitly says that
> > >there is one single argument.  it does not mention optional
> > >arguments.
> >
> > Your insistence that the "documented interface" consists only of the
> > description in the module reference, and not of the example on the next
> > page or of the way the API is actually used in the standard libraries
> > baffles me.
> I thought I explained that in the next sentence:
> > >(the example was broken, but so were other examples in earlier
> > >releases of the documentation.  see other messages in this
> > >thread for details)

Your definition of broken seems very peculiar.  Correct me if I'm wrong,
but it seems to go something like:

  - you don't know if examples are binding documentation
  - pair in the description of connect _must_ mean tuple
    and _not_ a pair of arguments because ??? (I would 
    have thought it would have said tuple if it meant 
    tuple -- tuples being Python concept as opposed to pairs)
  - the example in question is broken because, even though
    it works, and seems to follow the description from the
    previous page, ...
  - ... other examples have been broken in the past...

I must say I'm confused...

The good news is that Guido realized how much code this would break, and
will fix the code.

it's-the-only-practical-thing-to-do'ly y'rs

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