Getting an overview if all available driveletters on NT

Pieter Claerhout PClaerhout at CREO.BE
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here's the complete story. I used win32api.GetLogicalDriveStrings() to get a list of
all available drives, and then I used win32file.GetDriveType(i) to find out the type
of the drives. This is what I found:

- 2 -> floppy
- 3 -> fixed hard drive or subst'd drive
- 4 -> mapped network drive
- 5 -> cd-rom drive

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Ulf Engstrom wrote:
> As the effbot told you the win32api is probably the one you wanna
use, but
> the function is GetLogicalDriveStrings() This won't gives you all the
> driveletters, but not their labels, there might be something like that
> there, just never have had to use it. Someone else might now that
> >>> win32api.GetLogicalDriveStrings()
> 'A:\\\000C:\\\000D:\\\000E:\\\000'

umm.  didn't the original poster ask for a way to
tell ordinary drives from network drives?  that's
exactly what GetDriveType does...


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