Very Horrible Question About Goto's

Christian Tismer tismer at
Wed Apr 19 08:49:10 EDT 2000

> Richard Jones wrote:
> I'm trying to create a converter from our own internal language (horrid) into
> python.  My only problem so far is that the original language uses *LOTS* of
> goto's.  Is there any way that this can be replicated within python ?

Sure. Use Stackless python and tis continuation module,
and you have a way to express goto's. :-)

Well, to be honest, there is currently no good way
to collect the "labels" of a program as continuations,
but I'm considering how to implement this.
Maybe you can help me with a layout proposal? I would like
to implement multiple-entrypoint-functions in SLP 1.3.

ciao - chris

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