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In article <38ede548.353776233 at news.oh.verio.com>, morse at harborcom.net (Kevin Dahlhausen) writes:
|> So many web hosting sites only allow Perl scripting, I got to thinking.  That's
|> often a dangerous thing.   Would it be possible to implement the Python virtual
|> machine in Perl?   OK, anything is possible,  but I guess the real question is
|> does anyone have a feel for the scope of such a project?  Say using a native
|> interpreter to pre-compile the Python code to pyc files and the perl cgi vm to
|> run them?      Feasible, or just a silly idea?

If you want a really silly idea, it probably wouldn't be hard to
convert Python's C source to Perl, because the former looks pretty
clean and therefore could be translated semi-automatically without
needing a full-blown C to Perl compiler.  That's the easy bit.

When you put 130,000 lines of translated source into Perl, you
would discover things about Perl that you didn't want to know and
even its author had not suspected :-)

And I suspect that those Web sites would disembowel you after their
systems had melted down ....

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