Integer solutions to linear equation?

Grant Edwards grant at nowhere.
Tue Apr 18 12:52:18 EDT 2000

In article <38FC8CCF.B8B786CB at>, Bruce Wolk wrote:

>ax + by = c, where a, b, and c are integers, and the solution
>(x,y) must be an integer, is one of the simplest Diophantine
>equations. There is an algorithm, but at the moment I can't
>remember it. I do recall that if the greatest common divisor of
>a and b divides c, then there are infinitely many solutions,
>otherwise there are none.  Thus, if c = 1, there are always
>infintely many solutions if a and b are relatively prime, as in
>your example.
>You probably can find the algorithm in any basic book on number

I had a feeling that this required more number theory than I
know (an amount close enough to 0 that it can be safely
ignored).  :)

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