Classes, Inheritance - Stupid lazy question

Paul Gresham gresham at
Wed Apr 12 10:03:41 CEST 2000

This is stupid and lazy of me, I have looked through the docs, but I think
my brain is fried today, I just couldn't see it ... when I have a sub-class
with an overridden function/method how do I call the same function/method in
the parent ?


class lazy():
    __init__(self, name): = name

        print 'You are fired %s' %

class paul(lazy):
    __init__(self, name): = name  # <---- ?????
        self.april_pay = 0

        print 'Here's a box, collect the things from your desk'
        lazy.fired(self) # <--- ??????

The thing I'm just not clear about is the __init__ in my subclass, I want to
do an additional initialisation, without having to the whole init from the
parent class. I think what I am doing is kindof close ... but just want to
know the real way to do this !!

Sorry I've just really lost the plot today!

Thanks guys

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