Python for drivers?

Josef Dalcolmo dalcolmo at
Sat Apr 22 13:31:49 EDT 2000

Dave <redsand at> wrote in message
news:3900EDBE.282BC85 at
> Can Python be used for writing device drivers? I just got BeOS 5 and it
> doesn't support some video cards. I'd like to write one for the Cirrus
> Logic card and I want a language that's clear and concise- Python. I've
> never written device drivers. Any suggestions?

Just my five cents here:
for writing a device driver you want a language that can compile to native
code, in order to gain best machine access and best speed.
C or Assembly are suitable, but so are some versions of Pascal, Oberon and
Forth (amongst others). Note however that writing device drivers is
something VERY close to the hardware, and unless a language has built-in
support for it, forget it and use C, which can be used for about anything,
even though it is not an elegant language for high level programming.

- Josef

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