Merchant Empires - python CGI based game up on SourceForge

vlaw at vlaw at
Sun Apr 9 00:06:38 CEST 2000

I've got a SourceForge ( site set up for Merchant
Empires, my python CGI web-based strategy game here:

Anyone wanting to learn CGI based python might take a look at this.
Anyone who knows a lot about it might also and tell me if I am doing
anything wrong.  I'm using cookies for authentication.  I also use
PostgreSQL, PyGreSQL, and HTMLgen.

I couldn't find any complete Python (CGI) based web application of the
web to use for examples.  I can only assume I'm doing things right with
the use of

I'm looking for people to assist with this project.

Oh yeah I just learned Python last week so some of the code is probably
pretty rough.

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