No threads in MacPython 1.5.2?

Just van Rossum just at
Sat Apr 8 19:23:48 CEST 2000

At 6:02 PM +0000 07-04-2000, Gregory L. Hansen wrote:
>My Python can find Tkinter now, thanks for the help.  But now it can't
>find the module named "thread".  And yet there it is in the Lib folder,

Erm, there is no such module as

>and, and the search path $(PYTHON):Lib is set for
>Now what's wrong?

Nothing: MacPython is currently not built with thread support. That's not
so much because the OS like Christian suggested, but rather that there was
no posix-compatible thread implementation available, making Python
integration hard. However, this has changed with GUSI2 (a posixey I/O
emulation library), and the upcoming MacPython 1.6a1 *does* have threads. I
haven't seen it yet, so I don't know how well it works. Subscribe to the
pythonmac-sig, and you'll soon find out!

(In the meantime I have microthreads running like a charm, thanks to
Stackless Python ;-)


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