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Thomas Wouters thomas at
Mon Apr 17 09:49:59 CEST 2000

On Sun, Apr 16, 2000 at 09:44:48PM +0000, Jp Calderone wrote:

>  Can anyone point me to an *up to date* Python/SSL interface?  I've
> found about 4 w/ search engines, but the most recent is from 1996 and
> has a link to Python 1.3 in case you are without an interpreter ;)
> (It also doesn't help that starship is still down - again :( )

Python 1.6's socket library has direct support for SSL (if you enable this,
during compilation. It requires OpenSSL) and modules like urllib and httplib
use this to provide SSL connections, too. I'm not sure if there's a seperate
patch for 1.5.2, though, but perhaps you can give 1.6a2 a shot ? ;-)

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