The Simple Economics of Open Source

Boris Borcic zorro at
Wed Apr 26 13:25:54 CEST 2000

Robin Becker wrote:
> I'm afraid your desire for a better world reduces your altruism
> quotient.
> Doing it because it helps others is altruism, doing it to help your self
> and or relatives isn't really.

This comment can be made irrefutable, provided you *define* "self
and relatives" as the beneficiaries of ("pseudo") altruism.

Reciprocally, altruism may be defined as the action of paradoxical
definitions of self. Paradoxical - means it conflicts with the
choices that follow from other, more common, definitions of self,
that make the term "selfish" determinate.

Language that postulates a unique applicable definition of self
from the start, is thus inadequate to an enlightened discussion
of altruism, imho.

"I think as I think, therefore I am who I am"

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