Calling os.waitpid() From Secondary Thread Under Linux 2.2.12-20?

Randy Wiser rwiserREMOVEthis at
Wed Apr 12 18:55:14 EDT 2000

On Wed, 12 Apr 2000 16:50:52 +1000 (EST), Jonathan Giddy
<jon at> wrote:

>Anyway, my (non-)solution was to redesign my code to wait from the same 
>thread as the fork().  If you can't move the waitpid() into the main thread,
>maybe you can move the fork() into the second thread.

Thanks! I tried your suggestion and it seems to work fine on Linux for
now (should work on Solaris as well).

I heard a rumor that this Linux feature will be changed to be more
like other UNIXs in the future?

- Randy

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