Starving for an Advanced Python Book

Patrick Phalen python-list at
Tue Apr 4 19:10:05 CEST 2000

[Don Tuttle, on Tue, 04 Apr 2000]
:: "lewst"
:: >ORA's "Programming Python" is a natural choice, but I
:: > can't bear buying this outdated book when the 2nd edition is due out
:: > in a few months (I'm dying here Lutz, hurry it up already!).
:: I went ahead and bought it because Oreilly's cheif editor says, "We're
:: timing the new edition of Programming Python to follow shortly after the
:: release of Python 2.0."(aka Python 3K).  If that turns out to be the case,
:: it won't published until sometime in 2001.  See his complete (and somewhat
:: dated) remarks at

I'd also suggest going ahead with a purchase of Programming Python. If
you're starving, this food isn't exactly rancid. It's an excellent book
still, despite its age. People have criticized its organization, which
is probably due to the fact that it is really more a textbook than a
reference book. IOW, if you start at the beginning and "do" the whole
text, you'll be exposed to nearly the full range of Python
functionality, but it can be frustrating to try to zero in on something
pertinent to your immediate problem domain. Do, however, check out the
errata on the Web site and mark them in the book.

I haven't seen anyone mention The Quick Python Book in this thread.
Also worth having on your bookshelf.

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