Tkinter/Pmw/Python 1.6a#: xsync?

Greg McFarlane gregm at
Thu Apr 20 16:20:52 CEST 2000

Why not try to narrow it down a bit?  First, check if a Tkinter-only
program exhibits the same behviour.  If not, then it is probably Pmw
that is causing the problem (unlikely :).  Otherwise, try a Tk gui (no
python), then an X only gui, then change your desktop - use a really
simple windown manager, such as twm (the first and still the best). 
You could also change your X library or X server.  Eventually, you
will change or eliminate something and the problem will go away - and
then you will have found the culprit.

But you already know all this.

On 19 Apr, Rob W. W. Hooft wrote:
> I upgraded too many things at the same time: Computer, OS revision,
> Desktop environment, and Python version....
> For the python software that I make for my work, I also create a
> package including the python interpreter and all extensions required
> by my python code.
> Since I upgraded to Python-in-CVS (from 1.5.2b1), Pmw0.8.3 (from 0.8)
> and started running on RedHat Linux 6.2 in Gnome, I have the
> impression that there are sometimes a bunch of X commands that stick
> in the pipeline: the buildup of the GUI stalls every time for about 1
> second just when the application starts a calculation or becomes
> idle waiting for input. Dialog windows do pop up immediately, but
> they stay blank for a while.
>  - Is there anyone that has seen a similar effect? 
>  - Is there a way I can avoid this?
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> Rob Hooft
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