Using python on the web

Charley Horse someone at
Tue Apr 18 20:30:35 EDT 2000

OK, thanks for the warning <g>. I already admire Zope, I'm just trying 
to learn some python to make sure I like the framework language.

In article <9N4L4.499$wYl.191816704 at>, effbot at 
> Charley Horse <someone at> wrote:
> > It was just an unexpected surprise. I'm fairly new to all of this and
> > always heard of CGI in the context of "you don't have to user CGI
> > anymore because of the fancy new blah blah technology we offer!"
> in Python land, that fancy technology is called
> Zope (
> well worth checking out, but be careful -- your
> brain might explode.
> </F>

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