Integer solutions to linear equation?

Grant Edwards grant at nowhere.
Tue Apr 18 12:57:24 EDT 2000

In article <m33dojcs60.fsf at>, Michael Hudson wrote:

>>      64x = 41y + 1
>> Where x and y are both integers.  After scratching our heads
>> for a while, we used the brute force approach:
>> for x in range(1,100):
>>     y = ((64*x)-1)/41
>>     if 64*x == 41*y+1:
>>         print (x,y)

>Use Euclid's algorithm; here's some code that does that:

You know, that looks vaguely familiar. I took numerical
analysis 20 years ago and haven't used it since.  I'll have to
do some reading on this (I've got a 20 hour plane trip coming
up soon, so I should have plenty of time).

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