win32com and Reflection2

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Sun Apr 9 21:30:00 EDT 2000

You should be able to run "makepy" over the reflection object (makepy will
present a list of objects).  You can find "makepy" on the Pythonwin
"tools" menu.

Once you have done that and created the Reflection object, the constants
should be available in win32com.client.constants



Note that the Reflection constants wont appear until you have created the
reflection object using win32com.client.Dispatch()


"Roger Upole" <rupole at> wrote in message
news:WE8I4.100257$ra.2387838 at
>    I'm scripting Reflection2 sessions with win32com.client.Dispatch.
> However, there are some constants (error codes, transmission modes,
> etc) in a typelib that I can't seem to get at from the Dispatch object.
> Anybody know of a way to access these from Python ?
>    If not, is there any way to get to them from C++ ?
> I have very little experience with C, but if it is simple I can
> probably blunder my way through it.
>              Roger Upole

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