Why should I switch to Python? - Infinity of Primes

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David C. Ullrich <ullrich at math.okstate.edu> wrote:
>    There's nothing non-constructive about the traditional
>proof of the infinitude of the sequence of primes - given
>a sequence of primes it _constructs_ a prime not on the
>list. (Of course it doesn't actually return infinitely many
The constructivist sect most familiar to me says, sure,
"it constructs a prime not on the list", but that's sub-
ordinated in the proof to a *reductio ad absurdum*, which
is inherently non-constructive.  That's part of the pro-
gram:  rewriting such formulations in purely
constructive language.  Or am I myself speaking entirely
in anachronisms?  Has modern constructivism somehow come
to rely on the Excluded Middle (something like the Roman
Church and monotheletism)?

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