Best database to use with Python

Kevin McDermott kevinmcd at
Wed Apr 26 11:39:51 EDT 2000

Hi Thomas,

> What database-system is easiest, fastest etc. to use with Python? I`ve
> looked at MySQL, but it seems a little overkill just to get a little
> more functionality than Berkley DB-functionality. What about Postgres?
> mSQL?
> Postgres comes with my Linux distro and seem smaller than MySQL. How
> does it compare to MySQL when it comes to administration and speed,
> scalability etc. ?
> I`m doing alot of index-lookups for a
> Yahoo/Altavista/WhatEverSearchEngine-like web-app.
> <entering_demand_mode>
> It have to be fast, capable of HUGE amounts of data, free and easy to
> install and administer.
> </entering_demand_mode>

MySQL is very fast, capable of LARGE amounts of data, depends on what
you term HUGE I suppose.

It's very stable, but it lacks is Transactions and some advanced SQL

Depends on what you want to use it for...if it's to connect CGI programs
to, then I'd recommend MySQL.

PostgreSQL is different, the support for BLOBs is not quite as good, but
the V7.0 release expected RSN should be a good deal faster.

mSQL is not as good as either of the above once you get above a certain
level, there is no facility for GROUPing  data or SUM functions.

It's reasonably fast and very lightweight, but for storing HUGE amounts
of data, I'd not recommend it.


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