Scripting and Gnome and KDE

Thu Apr 27 12:51:03 EDT 2000

Jody Winston <josephwinston at> writes:

> I have to agree with Andrew because I have had these problems and
> more.  I don't work on a Linux machine, but an SGI.

This is a completely different story.  Andrew said GNOME needs patched
tools; this isn't the truth.

> It was very difficult to get the libraries that GNOME needs to work to
> run.

If time permits and good bug reports are submitted the GNOME developers
are very friendly to change the code etc.  Since the developers normally
don't have access to all these systems you might guess how difficult it
is to support them.

> It looks like to me that we have gone back to the model that all the
> world is a Vax and if it compiles and runs on the Vax there isn't any
> problem with the software.  All the world isn't Linux and the only
> compiler isn't gcc.

Sure, but sooner or later, Linux will run on all architecure and you'll
be free to choose the OS that fits your needs best :)

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