Environmental variable $PYTHONPATH

sue smalleys at gte.net
Sun Apr 30 17:33:21 EDT 2000

I think any app installed under PYTHONHOME is automatically
visible. (I set python up two years ago and haven't had to
touch it. :-)

These both default to your python install dir.
I also put an apps.pth file in the python install directory.

Then I filter the output from dir into it, with one of two
conventions for the filter:

1. that every subdirectory is an app.
2. Or I have a "site_pkg" directory to match the UNIX
structure and apps are under that.

Either works.  And the filter is in Python.  Actually, I
think it's glob.glob() now, instead of dir.

You can read the gory details in site.py in the standard

On the other hand, at least you can read it, unlike
registry-based stuff.


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