The gzip module... neverending story

Alexander Gavrilov gavrilov at
Mon Apr 10 13:19:23 EDT 2000

Look at in

"FrancescO" <francesco.contini at> wrote in message
news:8cr7os$du3$1 at
> Hello!,
> I have, another questions!!
> How can I zip i list of files? (i have done it, but... the files can't be
> readed from winzip and gunzip...)
> Wich is the correct usage of the fileobj (4th parameters in the
> gzip.GzipFile.. explain..:
> GzipFile ([filename[, mode[, compresslevel[, fileobj]]]]) )?
> Is the name of the zipfile? what kind of object is it?
> i'have try in a lot of ways to call this object, but I'm not "good" to
> it with the 4th parameter please...
> HELP ME...!!!!

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