Scripting and Gnome and KDE

Andrew Dalke dalke at
Sat Apr 15 17:11:01 EDT 2000

Boudewijn Rempt said:
> when I read the article on PyGTK
> in Dr Dobbs I can only be glad I choose for PyQt and PyKDE. It painted
> a very bleak picture...

Even though it says "The result is a great environment for rapid
development of GUI-based applications." ?

I used to work at Bioreason, though I wasn't involved in the GUI
development.  They are pretty happy about PyGTK.  The idea of the
DDJ article was to point out how to take advantage of the toolkit,
based on finding out what doesn't work.

You could write a similarly bleak picture of any toolkit.

Take the last section, "Troubleshooting."  It says the method
and parameters names aren't always sufficient, so you need a
copy of the documentation.  But the docs don't keep up with the
code so you need the code as well.  The same text can be applied
to Python.

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