Python/Perl Popularity (Re: A Mountain of Perl...)

Martijn Faassen m.faassen at
Wed Apr 12 10:24:29 EDT 2000

Daniel Berlin+list.python <dan at> wrote:

[I mention that people do care about distutils]

> I didn't say nobody cares, i was basically saying i don't see all that
> many complaints about this on the python lists.

That's probably because people are patiently waiting for the distutils.
The issue has been raised quite a few times.

> Maybe i'm just missing them. I realize their is a whole SIG about the issue,
> but it's not a problem for me.

That's good for you. You came across a bit hostile, though, with your
'who gives a crap?' response.

> Sure, i'm all for it too, I just don't see why it should be all that
> high of a priority.

Apparently Tom thinks it's nice; I didn't think he was telling people
to fix it now. He just mentioned some features of Perl that he
considers nice and absent in Python, right? 

> I also don't see why Tom praises the CPAN module so much.
[problem description with CPAN snipped]

I haven't used Perl and CPAN, but I've heard from several people on
this list that CPAN is pretty nice. Since I haven't used it myself,
I don't know about your problem.

>>> Why do i get the feeling you'll never be satisfied?

>> Why attacking Tom so much? 

> I've not attacked him at all.
> I simply asked a question.

Okay, then let me inform you that your style of posting and asking
questions does come across a trifle hostile once in a while to me. Perhaps
others disagree with me, but that's how it feels to me.

>> What has Tom done to you in
>> the past? Why does he get the bad reception he does?

> Because he comes in here with both barrels firing.
> What reception did he expect?

Um, I didn't see him do that at all. And even if someone comes in with
both barrels firing, you're not supposed to fire back. You're supposed to
discuss mathematical proofs of an infinity of primes. :) [not that the
thread I'm referring to had someone coming in with both barrels firing


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