tcl 8.2 OK?

Albert Wagner alwagner at
Sun Apr 2 19:05:45 CEST 2000

Thank you, Fredrik.  I tried a little example from Learning Python:
>>> from Tkinter import *
>>> w = Button(text="Hello", command='exit')
>>> w.pack()
>>> w.mainloop()
It seems to work.

Fredrik Lundh wrote:
> Albert Wagner wrote:
> > For use by tkinter I installed tcl/tk8.2 (I couldn't make 8.0.4
> > compile).  Is this OK? Or can I expect trouble later?
> if you can get a simple program to work (like the test code in
>, it's probably okay.
> there are some initialization issues with Tk 8.1, but they may be
> fixed in 8.2.  if you get messages like "cannot find usable tk.tcl in
> the following directories" followed by a number of empty lines,
> you need to patch the _tkinter module.
> (don't have a pointer handy; if you need the patch and cannot
> find it, followup to this post).
> </F>

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