New Features in Python 1.6

Tim Peters tim_one at
Sat Apr 1 22:01:59 CEST 2000

[Tom Culliton]
> OK, it's April 1st so maybe I'm just not getting the joke but...
> ...
> I'm not one of the folks who howl at tightening up the behaviour of
> list.append, socket.connect and the like but these changes, especially
> viloating immutability, strike me as too bizarre and dangerous for
> words.  Please tell us it's just and April Fools joke!

It's very well known that Guido has no sense of humor.  What we've seen here
is simply Guido *finally* embracing a policy of giving people exactly what
they ask for <wink>.

i-especially-love-that-"split"-guesses-which-arg-is-the-splittee-ly y'rs  -

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