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On Fri, Apr 14, 2000 at 04:28:03PM -0600, Jeff Massung wrote:

> I'm new to Python programming, but am very experienced in C/C++. Could
> someone point me to a good reference for TCP/IP programming with Python
> (pdf, book, anything :]) thanks.

The standard lib documentation on the 'socket' library should be what you
need. It's basically a wrapper around the systems' socket() call, which
returns an object which wraps the systems' accept(), bind(), connect(),
send(), write(), read(), recv(), etc. For async network I/O, there's

If you're looking for some higher-level programming, see libraries like
httplib, ftplib, telnetlib, urllib, SocketServer, *HTTPServer, etc.

Documentation for all these modules comes with the python source (in the
Doc/lib/ directory) in TeX format, with most binary distributions in some
form or another, or can be downloaded or browsed online at (There's an entire chapter, 11, dedicated to
'Internet Protocols and Support'.)

(If you insist, i'm sure we can find some book you can buy that lists the
same thing... but a lot of good docs can be found online, and you can
convert to pdf if you insist ;)

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