Teaching the art of programming, in python

Niklas Frykholm r2d2 at shaka.acc.umu.se
Fri Apr 7 09:27:44 CEST 2000

>>> And all in 24 hours?
>>> This is as misleading as the dummy attribute.
>> I don't think so.  You can go at your own speed.  The book is broken up
>> into 24 chapters, each taking more or less than an hour to read.  
>Well I guess that a good speed would be 14 days, then. :)
>With two hour lections plus time to exercise.

As an interesting side note, a publisher here in Sweden has
recently started a 10-minute series, with titles such as
"Teach your self Internet in 10 minutes". Seems there is
inflation (or perhaps deflation) in these things.

And it _is_ a silly practice. But then again, corporate
silliness doesn't surprise me that much anymore.

// Niklas

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