What is python's language level?

Brian Kelley kelley at bioreason.com
Tue Apr 4 08:19:31 EDT 2000

Chuck Meyers wrote:

> Does anyone know python's language level? I did not find it in the list
> at:
> http://www.spr.com/library/0langtbl.htm
> I would guess that it would be somewhere between 15 and 30. This is an
> important point, even if language levels are imprecise they can make it
> easier to convince people to look at or try a language like python.
> -Thanx

Okay, I'll bite.  This seems kind of arbitrary to me.  Let me put it this
way, looking at the lists of "language levels", special purpose languages
rank highly:  Mathcad, excel, lotus, etc.

I use python to create libraries for manipulation chemistry and related
feature vectors.  These packages becomes available to our chemists and AI
researches to work with.  From their point of view, the "language level"
for these constructs are incredibly high.  From my point of view the
"language level" is much lower.  So who's right?  They get a big win
because I put time and effort converting python from a general language to
a specific language.  I get a big win because I don't have to teach them
make, gcc compiler flags, etc...

Of course every time somebody creates an HTML/XML/whatever package the
"language level" increases from my point of view.  Batteries included

So, who gets to judge the language level, eh?

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