win32all-130 for Python 1.6 available

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Sat Apr 1 03:38:18 EST 2000

Hi all,
    To help encourage testing of Python 1.6, I have made a
version of win32all available.  This should also be considered

It is available via -
from that page:

For Python 1.6 only.  If you want a version for Python 1.5.2, see
win32all-128.  Like Python 1.6 itself, this should be considered
alpha. This co-exists fine with Python 1.5 and any of the 1.5
win32all builds.  All my testing shows no problems with 1.5 and
1.6 installed concurrently.

NOTE: The installer will copy Python16.dll from the Python
directory to your system32 directory.  I couldn't even make the
installer load Python16.dll from the Python directory, let alone
Pythonwin or COM objects!

This build has dropped the local Unicode object defined in
pywintypes in favour of the built-in Python Unicode object.
Win32com code no longer converts Unicode objects to strings.  The
COM test suite works fine, which indicates the long awaited
string-and-unicode integration is complete!

The version of Pythonwin in this build has some significant new
features, mainly thanks for a new Scintilla.  Source-code folding
is very cool, and each editor window now has a horizontal
splitter for a second view of the file!  A number of debugger
bugs have been fixed.

Please let me know of any problems...



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