new method for string objects

Charles G Waldman cgw at
Sat Apr 1 13:46:48 EST 2000

In article <xDnF4.4507$74.72019 at>, "Fredrik Lundh"
<effbot at> wrote: 

> (if numeric python doesn't support the buffer interface,
> it should be fixed). 
> </F>

It doesn't, yet, so I decided to sit down and add this support.  

However I haven't been able to dig up documentation
on the buffer interface - is there a document somewhere
describing this, or do I just need to look at code such as
Objects/stringobject.c and figure out the buffer interface
by reading that?

It's a little more complex in the case of Numeric Python since
Numeric supports non-contiguous arrays.  I see that there is a
bf_getsegcount method which seems like it would be appropriate
in this case, but without a little more information I'm not sure
that I'm using it correctly.

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