Several Questions

Chris Armstrong punck at
Wed Apr 26 21:42:17 EDT 2000

Hey all. Got a few questions here, they're all about
a telnet-able game I'm writing, in the spirit of LORD.

1> I'm kinda worried about how much memory each python
process will take up. Is there anything I can do about this?
make it single-threaded maybe? (like the boa httpd) Are
my worries even rational?

2> This one's derived from the last one. Does importing a module
multiple times within a program take up x amount of memory
for each time it's loaded? For instance if I import a module in
my main program and one of the Plugins written for my game
import the same plugin.

3> Speaking of modules, I'm writing one for my battle system.
Is there any reason to make it a class, other than being able
to create instances of it? (I don't need multiple instances.)

4> Currently I run my game with telnetd and the -L parameter
to it, so it can handle different terminals and the like to display
my ncurses display. This seems pretty "ghetto" to me, and I'd like
to know if there are any modules or ways to handle the displaying
to different terms myself.

Chris Armstrong

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