Python and .HTA files in IE5

Richard M. Smith rms2000 at
Tue Apr 4 09:17:19 EDT 2000


I am attempting to use Python as a scripting language in a .HTA
(HTML Application) file.  .HTA files are executed by IE5 just
like .HTM files except that there are no secrutiy restrictions on
what script code can do.  In a .HTA files, scripts can run programs,
read and write files, access the Windows registry, etc.  They are usefull
for developing Windows applications that use IE5 for their user

I am having trouble executing the following simple Python script
to read the contents of AUTOEXEC.BAT and output it on
the .HTA page:

<script language=python>
myfile = open("c:\\autoexec.bat")

I am getting an AttributeError in line 400 of
the file  It looks like the __getattr__
method is failing when the readlines method is
called by my script code.

Anyone know what is going on here and how to
fix the proble?.

A couple more data points here.  If I rename the .HTA
file to have the .HTM extension, I get the identical error
message.  This leads me to believe that the Python runtime
library isn't distinguishing between .HTA and .HTM files.

OTOH the equivalent .ASP file works fine:

<script language=python runat=server>
myfile = open("c:\\autoexec.bat")


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