Do I always have to write "self." ?

Dave Abrahams abrahams at
Sun Apr 30 14:00:03 EDT 2000

in article 20000430170952.A502 at, Steve Crane at
craniac at wrote on 4/30/00 10:09 AM:

> However if
> you're writing a program yourself and don't think that anyone else will
> ever have to read the code you can probably steer clear of Hungarian
> Notation in either form.

Alternatively, if you're writing a large program with many abstractions and
think lots of other people will have to read it steer clear of Hungarian
Notation in either form ;)

Hungarian breaks abstraction by tying the interface of an object to its
implementation, and seems utterly antithetical to the generic nature of
coding in Python. Who cares if it's a dict or a UserDict, or some other
object which models the appropriate mapping semantics?

flame-baiting-ly y'rs,

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